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Multi-agency working arrangements

Working in Localities

The Bristol Children and Young People’s Plan CYPP divides the city into three areas with ten localities. There are three Area Preventions Commissioning Managers Coordinators (APCMs) who facilitate the development of locality based working and planning. Maps for each of the localities can be downloaded from this page.


Each locality has a multi-agency panel held on a regular basis to present Common Assessments and provides an opportunity for practitioners and families to discuss how additional needs can be met. Meetings are attended by a range of children and young people’s practitioners working in the area or locality. There is real value in this process and it should lead to less duplication of assessments and more effective service delivery for children and families.


Each panel has core members who attend each panel with associate members invited as appropriate. More information on the structure and practice of panels can be found in the Multi-Agency Panels Good Practice Guidelines.


What do the Area Preventions Commissioning Managers (APCMs) Do?


APCMs do not have line management responsibility for staff delivering services. The role is developmental and can be best described as facilitating the change process, providing a resource to support managers and front line staff in moving towards more integrated planning and delivery of services for children and young people by helping them to:


  • Make sense of the sometimes complex information emerging from central and local Government
  • Work with prevention and early identification of additional needs in line with the Early Intervention and Prevention Strategy, providing leadership and support for the development of processes such as CAF etc
  • Work with specialist services to ensure a seamless transition where the needs of children escalate or reduce
  • Make sense of existing services and how they fit together, plan together and deliver together
  • Work alongside staff to identify and resolve issues that emerge as the change process develops
  • Identify and analyse data and information that will inform future priority setting and decision making


Their contact details are:


Alison Findlay (APCM South Bristol, 0-19 Partnership)



Jane Griffiths (APCM, North Bristol, Extended Schools)



Lindsey Dowdell (APCM, East Central Bristol)