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Analytical Tools & Reports


   The Population of Bristol 2011


   What do we know about the current population of Bristol, what are the recent trends and projections for
   the future?



   Indices of Deprivation


   A briefing note about Bristol's "Indices of Deprivation" published by the Department for Communities and
   Local Government (DCLG).



Statistics and Census Information


The Bristol City Council Statistics and Census Information page contains a wide range of information
about our city, population and geography.  


You can search by local area, city-wide and by topic. This information is provided by the Office of National Statistics, JSNA and other government based data sources.



   Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


   The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) reports on the health and wellbeing needs of people in Bristol. 
   It brings detailed information on local health needs together in one place and looks to identify some new and
   emerging challenges.


Area Profiles for each of the 14 Neighbourhood Partnership Areas  


This page features individual profiles for each Neighbourhood Partnership area. This includes analysis of population, ethnicity, residential development, deprivation, crime, educational achievement, health, and a sustainable community profile.  

Bristol Data Profiles


The Bristol Data profiles page is a quick way of finding the local data you need. Numerous sources of information and profiles have been brought together onto one page as a means of sharing intelligence, through maps, atlases and dynamic reports about life in Bristol and it's neighbourhoods.



Indicators of Quality of Life in Bristol 


These indicators measure the quality of life in Bristol and measures if it's getting better or worse. Indicators are based on an annual resident perception survey and trends for the past five years.


   Local Economic Assessment (LEA)


   This includes the latest quarterly economic bulletin for Bristol.