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Partnership Board


The Partnership Board is responsible for setting the agenda in response to the 20:20 Plan. That it is delivered, and that we have reached our goal of being one of the top 20 cities in Europe by the year 2020.


It also looks to the future, contemplating up and coming issues, and wherever possible - joining up work between Partners to add value to our combined services to the people of Bristol.


The Partnership Board is not itself a delivery mechanism, but works to facilitate joint working aimed to boost our local economies, improve qour quality of life and inspire innovation.


The Board meets four times a year. Membership is drawn from the public agencies, the private sector, universities and colleges, the voluntary and community sector and the Chairs of the various theme Boards.


We also work with the West of England Partnership, to ensure that actions that are taken at a sub-regional level have a positive effect on our city.




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