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The Bristol Health Improvement Partnership


The aim of the Health Improvement Partnership is to improve the health of our population, especially those facing disadvantage and the worst health outcomes.


Currently, there is a 9 year gap in life expectancy in Bristol.(Henleaze has the highest life expectancy and Southmead the lowest).  These wards share a border.  Southmead has multiple indicies of deprivation and several council estates.  Henleaze is one of the more prosperous wards in our city.


This is an example of health inequality. Generally, those who are well-off access health services and advice more frequently than those who are not.


Reducing Health and Wealth Inequality is one of our four Strategic Outcomes.


The Health Improvement Board is dedicated to addressing health inequalities to ensure that that all Bristolians can enjoy happier and healthier lives.


Where to start?  The Health Improvement Parternship has identified 3 specific areas to address:


Adult Care:

A third of our over 65s cannot manage without some help and support.  This percentage is set to rise and more than 50% of people over 65 have a disability or long term illness.


Our strategy includes assisting older people to remain active, live longer (and at home), and to provide first class support services to meet specialist needs such as dementia or diabetes.


Mental Health:

Many of us experience mental health issues at some point in our lives. Personally and/or through family members. Mental health is still difficult for many people to talk about, and that there is much more that needs to be done in order to provide appropriate support at work, within the community and via health services.


Urban environment:

Where we live, our housing and transport options, access to local shops, schools and other services - all affect how healthy we are. The way we plan and manage our environment has a major impact on how healthy we are both now and into the future.


Updated 1 May 2012 

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- Health/Wellbeing PB 2010 Report
- Feeding Bristol In The Future