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Cultural Development Partnership


The Executive Board at its March 2011 meeting adjusted the way forward for some of the outcomes of the 20:20 plan.  This included dissolving the Prosperous and Ambitious board. 

Replacing Prosperous and Ambitious are four boards who have been asked to lead on 2 outcomes previously under Prosperous and Ambitious.  These boards include:  


  • Bristol Cultural Development Partnership: Bristol Cultural Development Partnership promotes new artistic and cultural developments of national significance in Bristol and across the West of England. 


  • Digital City: Connecting Bristol is the city's digital partnership.  Our aim is to ensure that Bristol is widely recognised as a creative, smart, green and connected city.  
  • Destination Bristol: Our aim is to raise the profile of Bristol city and region as a world class place to visit, study, work and live.  
  • Homes4Bristol:  We are Bristol's Strategic Housing Partnership.


These boards have been asked to lead on two 20:20 outcomes:


  • Outcome 1, Action 1


Promote Bristol's profile as a culturally vibrant and innovative city and Green Capital to underpin sustainable inward investment.  In particular, take a lead in tackling climate change and move towards a low carbon economy through  delivering the Climate Change and Energy Security Policy.



  • Outcome 3, Action 4


Develop more sustainable communities through increasing the supply of affordable homes; maximising the number of empty homes brought into use; promoting a high quality built environment, local shops, high quality parks, jobs and regeneration outcomes.