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The Bristol Partnership brings together partners from     business,
the public sector, local communities, voluntary sector, higher
and further education - all dedicated to keeping Bristol a
successful city. 


We are all working to deliver the Bristol 20:20 Plan. 
This plan sets out our vision, actions and plans for the Partnership. 
The end result?  That within the next ten years:


Bristol is firmly placed as one of Europe's top 20 cities


How are we going to do this?


Through 4 Strategic Outcomes:


1. Making our prosperity sustainable
2. Reducing health and wealth inequalities
3. Building stronger and safer communities
4. Raising the aspirations and achievements of our children, young people and families. 


The Partnership Board has adopted an Action Plan which has identified 4 strategic actions for each outcome listed above.  To achieve these, and the ultimate goal of the 20:20 Plan, we work very closely with themed boards, our wider partners and both private and public agencies.


The Bristol Partnership works to ensure the delivery of the 20:20 plan alongside the wider Bristol Partnership family.


The Bristol Partnership has agreed and works within an 'Accountability and Governance Framework' which is updated each year at the annual meeting.