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Make our prosperity sustainable

In 2005 Bristol's prosperity was 28% above the national average (as measured by our Gross Value Added wealth per person). This places us 34th in Europe. A focus on creative industries, engineering as well as banking and finance and the nearby Port continues to make Bristol's economy the engine of the South West. However, our aspiration is to ensure Bristol's prosperity is sustainable, and that we become a world leader in "green" technology.  We will measure this through the carbon dioxide intensity of our economy  (measured by Gross Value Added wealth per tonne of CO2 emitted from the city’s businesses) - in 2005 it was approximately £10,000 per tonne of CO2.


The 4 strategic actions for Outcome 1 are the primary way we will work to deliver making our prosperity sustainable.  All other actions also contribute to delivering this outcome.

SS Great Britain ship with flags flying in Bristol





"we must do everything we can to row back from the age of stupid"