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Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill

The Neighbourhood Partnership membership consists of six ward Councillors, resident representatives from the three wards, and representatives from key agencies, such as the Police and NHS Bristol.


The partnership meetings rotate between the wards, and the chair is drawn from the councillors from the ward within which the meeting is held.


The priorities identified for the Neighbourhood Partnership are:

· Continue to reduce levels of crime, drug related crime, domestic violence and antisocial behaviour

· Prioritise the raising of educational attainment, and aspirations across all school settings

· Reduce unemployment levels through increasing targeted support, local employment opportunities and skill

· Ensure that all waste management and grounds maintenance services are delivered to specification

· Improve the health of local residents including lowering rates of smoking and obesity

· Improve the number and quality of local facilities; especially those used by young people.

· Deliver the Knowle West Regeneration Framework and a more comprehensive retail offer for local residents

· Improving the management of traffic, the enforcement of traffic regulation orders and ensure good coverage of safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists

· Ensuring that there is good coordination between local voluntary sector organisations and groups

· Improving the accessibility, frequency and reliability of public transport

· Improve the effectiveness of NP communications so that there is greater knowledge and involvement in the Neighbourhood Partnership


 These priorities are contained within the Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Action Plan which was agreed as a working document on 7 June 2011.


Well Being Fund Applications

The Neighbourhood Partnership awards small grants from its Well Being Fund. If you wish to apply for a small grant please download the application form in Microsoft Word format.


You will also need to download the guidance including submission deadlines for the Ward you would like to make the application for.


Filwood All funds in this current year have been allocated.


Windmill Hill 


Neighbourhood Partnership and Forum Meetings


Neighbourhood Partnership meetings and Forum meetings work together to progress the issues raised in each Neighbourhood Partnership. If you have any suggestions about how the forums should be run or things you would like to discuss, please .


Next Neighbourhood Partnership meeting: 


  • Tuesday 8th January 2013, 6pm-8pm - Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, Filwood, Bristol BS4 1NL
  • Tuesday 12th March 2013, 6pm-8pm - Knowle Community Centre, Greenwood Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2SS


Filwood Forum meeting dates:


  • Wednesday 6th February 2013, 7pm-9pm - Knowle West Health Park, Downton Road, Filwood, Bristol BS4 1WH

View the Current actions (Nov 12) agreed by Filwood Forum

View the previous actions (Aug 2012) agreed by Filwood Forum

View the previous actions (May 2012) agreed by Filwood Forum

View the previous actions (Feb 2012) agreed by Filwood Forum


Knowle Forum meeting dates:


  • Friday 11th January 2013, 7pm-9pm - Redcatch Community Centre, Redcatch Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2EP


View the Current priorities

View the previous actions agreed by Knowle Forum


Windmill Hill Forum meeting dates:


  • Monday 10th December 2012, 7pm-9pm - Broad Plain Rugby Club, Bristol South End, off St Johns Lane, Windmill Hill BS3 5AZ (TBC)
  • Monday 4th March 2013, 7pm-9pm - Victoria Park Bowling Club, Nutgrove Avenue, Windmill Hill, Bristol BS3 4QF

View the Current priorities

View the previous actions agreed by Windmill Hill Forum


Traffic Schemes

Representatives from all the Neighbourhood Partnerships met to discuss the devolved traffic funds and how this is progressing. A summary of the findings from the meeting can be viewed here.


Members of the Neighbourhood Partnership



Cllr Jeff Lovell - Filwood -

Cllr Chris jackson - Filwood -

Cllr Gary Hopkins - Knowle -

Cllr Christopher Davies - Knowle -

Cllr Mark Bailey - Windmill Hill -

Cllr Alf Havvock - Windmill Hill -

Gill Brookman - NHS Bristol -

Inspector Colin Salmon - Police -

Caroline Donald - Extended Schools-

Denise Britt - Resident

Les Bowen - Resident

Nancy Carlton - Resident

Ken Jones - Resident

John Scott - Resident

Ann Smith - Resident

Suzanne Audrey - Resident






Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill

Get in touch...


Kurt James

Area Coordinator


Anita Pearce

Community Development Worker (Filwood)


Mohamed Ismail

Community Development Worker (Knowle, Windmill Hill)



Equalities representative:

Lee Reed

Judith Brown

Contact through your Area Co-ordinator

Next Partnership meeting agenda  8th January 2013 (agenda)
Previous Partnership meeting agenda and minutes (25th September 2012)