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Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership

Formerly known as Bishopsworth, Hartcliffe & Whitchurch Park. This includes the local communities of: Bedminster Down, Bishopsworth, Hartcliffe,Headley Park, Highridge, Teyfant, Uplands, Whitchurch Park and Withywood.


Neighbourhood Partnership and Forum Meetings


Neighbourhood Partnership meetings and Forum meetings work together to progress the issues raised in each Neighbourhood Partnership. If you have any suggestions about how the forums should be run or things you would like to discuss, please .


Future of the Bishopsworth Swimming Pool site meeting 26.4.12


Around 60 residents attended this meeting on Thursday 26th April at St. Peters Church, Bishopsworth.


View the notes from the meeting.


Have your say on the various options.


For more information contact Heather Williams on Tel: (0117) 9038044 or email: .


Bristol City Council, in conjunction with the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership is seeking expressions of interest for the

refurbishment and re-use of former Bishopsworth Pool for either commercial or community use.


As this building has previously been in community use the Council would wish to encourage expressions of interest that include details of how the property can continue to be used by the local community and meet local needs.


All details are in the attached document, please pass onto others.


The Council are seeking expressions of interest from interested parties to let the former Bishopsworth Swimming Pool building either as a community opportunity or for commercial use. The building could be adapted for community use subject to any necessary planning consents. In commercial terms, the building could also be adapted for a variety of uses, again subject to any necessary planning consents. In terms of length of lease, the premises are being offered on a new 25 year lease with five yearly reviews.

We are hosting a session for any group or organisation which wants to put forward an Expression of Interest to make use of the former Bishopsworth Pool building. John Bos is the City Council Community Buildings Manager and he will be leading the session. If you want any advice or help about what to put in your Expression of Interest he will have the answer.

The session will take place on Tuesday 11th December- 6.30pm-7.30pm in the @Symes Community Building, Peterson Avenue Hartcliffe Bristol BS13 0BE.

Places are limited and need to be booked. Please book contacting:

Heather Williams 0117 90 38044 or email   


Next Neighbourhood Partnership meeting:


  • Monday 17th December 2012, 7pm to 9pm - PDC, Teyfant Road, Bristol BS13 0RF Agenda

Bishopsworth Forum meeting dates:


  • Tuesday 19th February 2013 - 7pm-9pm, Zion Art Centre, Bishopsworth Road.


View the priorities from Bishopsworth Forum

View the previous actions agreed by Bishopsworth Forum


Hartcliffe Forum meeting dates:


  • Wednesday 20th February 2013 - 7pm-9pm, Headley Park Church

View the priorities from Hartcliffe Forum

View the previous actions agreed by Hartcliffe Forum


South Bristol Link latest update


Responding to your comments

Thanks to everyone who responded to South Bristol Link's pre-application consultation during May and June this year. During the consultation we delivered 8,250 invitations to local individuals and businesses to attend one of the 4 public exhibitions, wrote to over 300 local and national organisations, promoted it on the web and in the media. Comments were collated through the public exhibitions, an online survey, and comments received through our consultation telephone line and the post. View the South Bristol Link update here.


Crox Bottom

Management Plan  Poster


Crox Bottom is an attractive public open space at the edges of Hartcliffe and Headley Park. It has a recognised wildlife value and the site is recognised as an SNCI.

The Dundry View NP agreed to allocate funding for the preparation of this plan for the future maintenance, enhancement and improvement of Crox Bottom. Local residents and Bristol City Council staff have worked together to achieve this document.


If you would like to become involved in helping to form a Friends of Crox Bottom Group please contact Heather Williams for further details.


Whitchurch Park Forum meeting dates:


  • Monday 18th February 2013 - 7pm-9pm, Bridge Farm School

View the priorities from Whitchurch Park Forum

View the previous actions agreed by Whitchurch Park Forum


St Augustines Park

£125,000 funding from the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership and Bristol City Council's Capital Stimulus Fund has been allocated for a new children's play area within St Augustines Park. Over the next three months local people will have a range of opportunities to help develop the designs, such as identifying play equipment and agreeing the location and layout of the new play area. The physical works to improve the park are forecast to take place in Summer 2013. Working with children from Bridge Farm and Wansdyke Schools and also the residents who attended the recent Forum the designer has provided this initial concept proposal.  Further consultation will be publicised. St Augustines Sketches  A Landscape Design Statement


You are invited to attend a consultation session at Bridge Farm School, Meadow Building on 18th December at 7 pm to 9 pm. Please come along to take part in the planning of the play area, if you are unable to attend and would like to be kept informed please contact Julian Cox   St Augustines consultation letter


Our Priorities


  • Safer Communities: Initiatives that reduce the fear of crime and reduce the impact of crime.


  • Healthier Communities: Initiatives that help to promote healthier lifestyles, reduce isolation and improve emotional and mental health and initiatives that support work around drug and alcohol misuse.


  • Satisfaction with the local environment: ( there will be an expectation that the long term sustainability is carefully considered in all environmental improvement projects).


  • Young People:  Initiatives that increase youth provision and increase satisfaction with local play. Also initiatives that support young people to be involved in local decision making.


  • Community Cohesion: Initiatives that bring people together who are from different backgrounds, ages, cultural and faith groups to build communities and greater understanding.


  • Knowledge and Skills: Initiatives that help to build the knowledge and skills of communities so they can be involved in decision making and continue  to shape the future of thier neighbourhood. Iinitiatives that facilitate learning across the three wards are encouraged.


  • Problem solving:  Initiatives where residents have got together to tackle a problem and need some funding to implement the solution.


Wellbeing Application form


Updated criteria - Groups, Projects and Organisations can now apply with a turnover of more than £10,000. Applicants can apply for upto £5,000 in one financial year.

The updated Guidance and Application Form for 2012/13 financial year.


Community First Funding

Community First funding is being run alongside the Wellbeing funding process in this area. You can apply for Community First funding using the following  links:

Guidance notes for Community First funding

Bishopsworth: Bishopsworth Community First Application Form

Whitchurch Park: Whitchurch Park Community First Application Form


If you want to apply for both Wellbeing and Community First funding, or you are not sure which is better for you, please complete the Wellbeing application form and indicate that you want to be considered for both funding sources.


Next closing date is 11th February 2013 and the final decision will be made at the Partnership meeting on 25th March 2013.


Wham! 50  

wham! 50 is now here, full of information about HWCP, the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership, plus other local news.


Traffic Schemes

Representatives from all the Neighbourhood Partnerships met to discuss the devolved traffic funds and how this is progressing. A summary of the findings from the meeting can be viewed here.


Pride of Place Environmental Sub-group

The next meeting is taking place on Monday 10th December 2012, 10am - 12 noon in the @Symes Community building. Agenda and previous meeting minutes.


Members of the Neighbourhood Partnership



Cllr Richard Eddy - Bishopsworth -

Cllr Kevin Quartley - Bishopsworth -

Cllr Mark Brain - Hartcliffe - (Chair)

Cllr Derek Pickup - Hartcliffe

Cllr Hellen Holland - Whitchurch Park -

Cllr Tim Kent - Whitchurch Park -

- NHS Bristol -

Sergeant Ash Jones- Police - 101

- ESP Manager South Area -






Crox Bottom
Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership

Get in touch...



Keith Houghton

Area Co-ordinator

0117 922 2135


Heather Williams

Community Partnership Manager



Equalities Representative:

If you are interested in being an Equalities representative on your Neighbourhood Partnership please contact:


See the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership website

Next Partnership meeting 17th December 2012 (agenda) 
Previous Partnership meeting agenda and minutes (24th September 2012)
Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership is holding elections for resident representatives to support the Partnership. Voting will take place during the March Neighbourhood Forums and the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting. Elections will be held in Bishopsworth and Hartcliffe wards. In wards where only one resident has been nominated they will be elected unopposed.

Details of the candidates for election can be found on the Whats Going on in our Neighbourhood Link.

For more information call Melanie Monaghan or Heather Williams, HWCP, Tel: (0117) 903 8044.