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Equalities Action Group (EAG)


The EAG consists of equalities professionals and representatives who are working together to support the Bristol Partnership with training, developing relationships with equalities communities and developing the tools to better ensure the Bristol 20:20 Plan benefits all Bristol residents. The EAG meets quarterly and works to ensure that equalities is a key performance measure within the Bristol Partnership.


The group is a source of knowledge and creativity that supports Partners in reducing the disparities that are evident across the city and in identifying inequalities; working to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by colour, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or because they are transgender.



EAG are looking for a Disabled People's Equality Rep


The Equalities Action Group is looking for a disabled person who feels they could represent the views of disabled people on the Equalities Action Group. 

The role of the representative is to communicate issues that relate to the collective experiences of disabled people, and to provide a broad equalities perspective.  You will be expected to take part in influencing decisions at strategic level such as at Bristol Partnership and Equalities Action meetings, as well as report at Equalities network events.  Resources for access are available.

Potential reps will need to be able to indicate the skills and aptitudes they can bring to the role.  They must also be nominated by an organisation either providing services to, or advocating the rights of,  disabled people.

If you are interested in this role, in the first instance please contact Jo McDonald at Bristol City Council on or

Next Meeting:




Downloads and More Information: 


- EAG Terms of Reference

- Bristol City Council Equalities Annual Report

Equalities Rep Roles & Responsibilities  



Papers from Previous Meetings:


Papers for 19 October 2011 (to be loaded shortly)

Draft minutes of meeting held on 10 May 2011


Papers for 10 May 2011 EAG Meeting:


- Agenda

- Minutes of meeting 22 February 2011

- 20:20 Plan Priorities

- Paper on Outcome 3 Action 2


Papers for 22 February 2011 EAG Meeting:


- Agenda

- Minutes of meeting November 2011

- Timetable of meetings for 2011/12


Papers for 16 Nov 2010 EAG Meeting:


- Agenda

- Budget - Final for EqIA Consultation Dec 2010

- Background to Equal Reps on Neighbourhood Partnerships

- Local Enterprise Partnership Briefing

- Minutes 16 Nov 2010

- Minutes 17 Aug 2010

- Neighbourhood Partnership Guidance for EAG Neetings

- Neighbourhood Partnership Roles & Responsibilities for EAG