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In Small Lender , the mini fast online loans that can be requested are very varied, both in quantity and in the return period. But the urgent 300 euros credit is one of the most common. In this post we tell you why it is one of the most demanded amounts and how you can request one of them immediately.

Is it worth asking for a credit of 300 euros?

Is it worth asking for a credit of 300 euros?

There is no single reason why our clients request a credit of 300 euros: each of them has their reasons and all, without exception, are important. But the truth is that 300 euros is a very attractive amount: on the one hand, it is not too high , so that no user will find problems when it comes to return, and on the other hand, it is high enough to be used in many aspects of everyday life.

These are some examples of what you could pay with a credit of 300 euros from Small Lender:

  • A romantic getaway or with friends during the weekend: this amount gives you not only to pay one or two hotel nights, but also to not deprive you of anything in terms of restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Pay the motorcycle insurance or even the car insurance in many cases, mainly if it is a third party policy. This receipt, which is annual, is always scheduled on the same date, but it does not always arrive when it is best for the user.
  • The tickets of a concert of your favorite musical group or those of a football match between your team and your maximum rival: are appointments that happen once every many years or that you must live in first person to enjoy them to the fullest. And in many cases, 300 euros give to go accompanied.
  • A new mobile phone : although the high-end smartphone is slightly more expensive, with a personal loan of this amount it gives you to acquire a very good mobile phone.
  • A dress for a gala : 300 euros can be the difference between a nice suit and a spectacular one. And you will always appreciate that, every time you review the photographs of that wedding, party or special event.

Advantages of applying for a loan of 300 euros

Advantages of applying for a loan of 300 euros

Request a loan of 300 euros has many more advantages than you imagine. Being a relatively small economic amount, all transactions are more comfortable and easy. In Small Lender we pay from 50 to 750 euros, so that any user can find the solution to what they are looking for . Although, a credit of 300 euros is an ideal amount, for the following advantages:

Greater ease

Being a small amount of money is easier to be granted. It does not matter if you are in ASNEF, or do not have a guarantee or payroll. Small Lender will grant you the quick credit of 300 euros you need. If it were a higher amount, more paperwork would be needed and more questions would be asked.

Lower commissions

A loan of 300 euros has small commissions compared to a credit in installments or more. In addition, the sooner you return the lower will be the fees to add. This is because Small Lender wants to continue helping people. If it is returned soon, another user may benefit first.

Comfortable return

Comfortable return

The refund of this credit is made with a maximum of 30 days . In this way, if you request the money because you have arrived at the end of the month and you have not yet paid, you can return it when you receive the salary again. It is a very comfortable process that can even be domiciled so that you do not have to worry about when to enter the money and not breach the contract.
These are the three main advantages of asking for relatively low sums of money. In addition, with Small Lender all are advantages since we provide you with the greatest facilities online. And, we hardly ask for requirements. We only need you to be of legal age, have a bank account, reside in Spain and have a recurring income .
What are these loans based on?

These loans of 300 euros are ideal to re-channel your personal or family economy after a period of increased spending, such as summer or Christmas, or to solve some unexpected expense that you did not count on and that prevents you from reaching the end of the month . For example, they are credits that are usually requested to settle any debt that has to be paid in the short term or a traffic ticket that you did not expect. It is also usually asked to buy gifts or an almost compulsory purchase. They are credits of easy acquisition since their requirements are minimum. To get 300 euros you only need a bank account in your name, be of legal age and prove a series of stable income, which need not be a payroll, since this credit of 300 euros can be requested without having a job.

Why are these credits urgent?

What makes this 300-euro loan even more attractive is its urgent nature. That is to say, they are received practically at the moment: in many cases, 10 or 15 minutes are enough to be able to have that amount in your own checking account. For this reason, these urgent mini loans are equally valid as a programmed financing tool and as a resource when there is no time available to process payroll advances or other solutions.

The urgency of these instant loans also makes them a saving solution for unexpected situations, such as:

  • The breakdown of your car : no one is safe from unexpectedly causing the alternator to fail, the battery to run out or an engine belt to break. Any of those repairs and many others are perfectly bankable with a credit of 300 euros urgent.
  • The breakage of your glasses or those of your children: receive a balonazo, sit on top or just fall to the ground are unforeseen causes that can leave you without one of those accessories really essential in everyday life. With a loan of this type, you can get closer to your optics and change the crystals or the mount.

How to ask for a credit of 300 euros urgently

In Small Lender, the way to request a loan of this type is really simple. First, you must register on our platform, indicating your personal and banking information. And then, indicate the term in which you want to return those 300 euros. After that, you will receive that amount in your account, to use it in whatever you want. The best of all is that you do not need to move anywhere: all procedures are done remotely, online. No less interesting is the absence of paperwork: you should not submit unnecessary documents such as guarantees or certificates of assets. In addition, you can request your credit from anywhere, just have a device connected to the Internet to process the application through our website adapted to mobile. And to process your request, you will not need to adjust to any schedule, because the website is operational 24 hours a day.

That said, it should also be remembered that there are many other options beyond the credit of 300 euros. In Small Lender, the election ranges from 50 to 750 euros, always with amounts that are multiples of 50. In terms of the term, you decide: from an express return on a day to 30 days of margin, which would give you time to collect the next payroll, pension or unemployment benefit, because all these options are valid to access a loan of these characteristics.

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